A natural gem along the north coast

Hornbæk Strand
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The Danish Riviera

Beautiful beaches are abundant - Along Denmark’s north coast you find the Danish Riviera which stretches from Sejerø Bay in the west to the Sound in the east. Enjoy a picturesque family holiday: UNESCO protected nature, charming harbour towns, beautiful castles and gastronomy.

Exciting holiday experiences

Active holidays

Biking alone the Riviera

From the bike, you get a unique insight into nature and culture. And with the north coast and the Danish Riviera right nearby, welcome breaks are perfect for swimming.

Active holidays

Recharge your batteries with an active holiday. Go for a run along the beaches. Catch a fresh fish in the sea or in a lake, enjoy fitness, climbing and hiking for the whole family.

The best beaches

Which beach should it be today? Only 30-40 minutes from Copenhagen you will find the beautiful beaches on the Danish Riviera. Whether you like fishing, walking the dog, having fun with the family or swimming in the ocean, there is a beach for you.

Cities and cosy harbours

The small, charming harbour towns provide an insight into the local fishermen’s authentic surroundings and offer seafood, refreshing beer and walks by the sea

Usefull information for your holiday

Where do I find a charming cottage? Where are the excellent beaches? Are there any good restaurants, and what's going on? How do I get around? What's the weather going to be like? There are many things to be aware of when planning your vacation. Find inspiration below.