Child-friendly beaches along the Riviera

Relax in the sun while the kids build sand castles and eat ice cream. Take a swim or try kite surfing. There are beaches for every occasion.

Accommodation for the entire family

Along the Danish Riviera, you will find classic hotels, lovely holiday homes, many beautifully located campsites and cosy guesthouses

Royal castles along the Danish Riviera

A royal feeling: In the romantic castles and gardens along the Danish Riviera you can feel the royal history and experience the historical figures, like Shakespeare's Hamlet.

UNESCO Geopark Odsherred

A wealth of exciting holiday experiences await in Northwest Zealand, where the whole of Odsherred now can call itself UNESCO Global Geopark Odsherred - as the first Danish geopark ever.

Taste the Riviera

Just delicious: Restaurants for children and adults, Nordic food, seafood and street food, cafés with cakes and coffee or local specialities in the farm shops.

Fishing boats and cosy harbour towns

The small, charming harbour towns provide an insight into the local fishermen’s authentic surroundings and offer seafood, refreshing beer and walks by the sea 

Active holidays along the Danish Riviera

Recharge your batteries with an active holiday. Go for a run along the beaches. Catch a fresh fish in the sea or in a lake, enjoy fitness, climbing and hiking for the whole family

The Danish Riviera on a bike

From the bike, you get a unique insight into nature and culture. And with the north coast and the Danish Riviera right nearby, welcome breaks are perfect for swimming