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Comwell Borupgaard Conference

Experience meeting facilities with award-winning service at Comwell Borupgaard. At Boserupgaard, you will find a lobby bar and cosy oases, a park with outdoor fitness, indoor and outdoor spa facilities and much more, available for your meetings or conference.

Conference and meeting venue surrounded by beautiful nature

Comwell Borupgaard is located in central North Zealand, with a beautiful view over scenic surroundings. Comwell Borupgaard has the perfect settings for both large and small meetings, conferences, courses and exhibitions. The hotel’s facilities can accommodate events for up to 330 people. See all the facilities at Comwell Boserupgaaard here.


Comwell Borupgaard has many beautiful areas near the hotel that can be used for activities during the day. They can also help you find a range of indoor activities to offer your conference participants in the evenings.