Knejpe Festival (Tavern Festival)

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Salty and sea-sprayed, the Knejpe Festival (Tavern Festival) sets sail for a seventh swing!

Sandy sailor shanties meet windblown world music when Denmark's most authentic and seafront festival offers its guests a lot of sailor music from near and distant skies, and recounts Elsinore's and Denmark's history as a maritime metropolis. No fewer than 64 free concerts around Elsinore's cosy Knejpes can be experienced in the days from Friday 6 October to Saturday 7 October.


Pirates in the province

Sea sprays and salty air are deeply integrated into Elsinore's DNA. The time as a Sound-customs town and historic ocean port are celebrated in style when the Knejpe Festival annually sets sail and celebrates the music that has followed the seafarers across all their journeys to far off continents. This year is no exception, where the mark of the 100th anniversary of Denmark's transfer of the three West Indies Islands to the United States also has found its way to the festival. You can, therefore, look forward to a special event at the Customs Chamber, where the theme is staged with lectures and concerts with historical narrative and lots of calypso.


Line-up of the year

True to custom there will be a broad and varied range of sailor-songs and world music; There is fully blown folk-music, spoken words and old-school sailor shanties. The more exotic part of the festival is carried out by the year’s theme – the West Indies, where Steven Hartand the calypso band Polcalypso will be performing. And so, we are looking forward to presenting a more crooked universe, which will include the amazing Dennis Agerblad Band and TS Hoeg & Frimann.

The sailor's city walk (In Danish)

Experience The Knejpe City Walk during the festival, where the city's narrator-cum-troubadour André Andersen will take you along for a couple of city walks through Elsinore's streets with lots of anecdotes and untruthful truths about the life at the harbour and the knejper. Here you can go back to the time when Elsinore had more than 100 breweries and distilleries.

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Allegade 2

3000 Helsingør

Opening hours

02 Oct 20 / 03 Oct 20


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